Darrell Huff (4) vs. Monty Python; Frank Sinatra advances

In yesterday’s battle of the Jerseys, Jonathan offered this comment:

Sinatra is an anagram of both artisan and tsarina. Apgar has no English anagram. Virginia is from New Jersey. Sounds confusing.

And then we got this from Dzhaughn:

I got as far as “Nancy’s ancestor,” and then a Youtube clip of Joey Bishop told me, pal, stop he’s a legend, he don’t need no backronym from you or anybody. He don’t need no google doodle, although it would have been a respectful gesture on his 100th birthday, but nevermind. He’s a legend, and he’s against someone who puts people to sleep. Professionally.

Good point. As much as I’d love to see Apgar, we can’t have a seminar speaker who specializes in putting people to sleep. So it will be Frank facing Julia in the second round.

Today, we have the #4 seed in the “People whose name ends in f” category, vs. an unseeded entry in the Wits category. (Yes, Monty Python is an amazing group, but the Wits category is a tough one; seedings are hard to come by when you’re competing with the likes of Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker.)

Darrell Huff is a bit of a legend in statistics, or used to be, based on his incredibly successful book from 1954, How to Lie with Statistics. But the guy didn’t really understand statistics; he was a journalist who wrote that one book and then went on to other things, most notoriously working on a book, How to Lie with Smoking Statistics, which was paid for by the cigarette industry but was never completed, or at least never published. Huff could talk about how to lie with statistics firsthand—but I suspect his knowledge of statistics was simplistic enough that he might not have even known what he was doing.

As for Monty Python: You know who they are. I have nothing to add on that account.

Again, the full bracket is here, and here are the rules:

We’re trying to pick the ultimate seminar speaker. I’m not asking for the most popular speaker, or the most relevant, or the best speaker, or the deepest, or even the coolest, but rather some combination of the above.

I’ll decide each day’s winner not based on a popular vote but based on the strength and amusingness of the arguments given by advocates on both sides. So give it your best!


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